Pokemon Go Diamond Builder Block

  • $8.99

Pokemon Go Diamond Builder Block

$9.99 - Now $5.15

Build your favorite Pokemon from Building Blocks.

Either you follow Spark (Leader of Team Instinct/Yellow) and believe in the intuitive power of Pokemon. Or Blanche's (Leader of Team Mystic/Blue) vision that Pokemon's evolution is the reason behind their wisdom. Or Candela's (Leader of Team Valor/Red) mission to strengthen them. Or a combination.

There's always something in the beginning right? Then, why not let the young once see how everything evolves from elementary blocks?

Chose your (or theirs) favorite pocket monster and let's see how quickly you can make your Pokemon or Pokemon Ball!

#1. Only for smart and creative ones

#2. That's true

#3. Keep the kids busy while you catch Pokemon

#4. They make more Pokemon for you.

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