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FREE! Harry Potter Magic Wand Necklace/Keychain

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Harry Potter Magic Wand Necklace/Keychain

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Who's your favorite? Harry Potter, Hermione Granger Ron Weasley, Professor Dumbledore, Rebeus Hagrid, Lord Voldermort...? You get the picture! Get your magic wand now and start casting your spells.

#1. Expecto Patronum: Battle fear and sadness

#2. Avada Kedavra: careful no one can survive this spell!

#3. Expelliarmus: disarm your opponent. best duel spell

#4. Accio: pretty cool spell to help find objects you've lost

#Sectum Sempra: careful, this spell can deeply cut anything you point your wand at!

Don't be caught without your wand!

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